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SkillForce Academy (SFA) is a creation of pedigreed IT professionals with over 60 years of collective industry experience. The founding team has worked in the Indian IT industry as well as internationally. With such vast experience and knowledge gained over decades of experience, the seed for creating SFA was sown. SFA aims to equip aspiring software professionals with the appropriate foundation for excellent software development and build sufficient skills for them to enter the IT industry with confidence and character. The foundation to be laid would enable each person that is part of SFA to acquire multiple technology skills in a short time period and keep themselves up to speed with the continuously changing technology environment.

Entry to SFA is open for all aspiring software developers who have graduated as Engineers or from Science streams. Exceptions would be made in the entry criteria for others.

SFA focuses on building the appropriate foundation for aspiring software developers and then initiating them into the world of software development as needed by the industry. Deep understanding of the processes, methods and principles of software development is the final takeaway target for all those who join SFA. The strength of such understanding would enable them to learn various tools, techniques and technologies that are the driving forces behind various software products and solutions.

Advanced learning programs to acquire skills in different technologies, coding languages, databases and development platforms are part of the learning options in SFA.

A 12 months program for entry level software developer aspirants. This program would enable a comprehensive learning and understanding of the entire 'Software Development Life Cycle', from the beginning to the end. Learners would get deep understanding of every step and would be able to practically apply each of these steps in the projects they would do as part of the program. This practical oriented program would equip each person to become job-ready and get employment opportunities in the IT industry. The learning routine during the entire program schedule would be intensive and interactive to ensure the nuances are learnt well and future built with strength of knowledge.

Also covered would be soft skills (spoken, written and reading skills in english), personality development, intrerviewing mock sessions, role plays and sessions on career development.

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SkillForce Academy (SFA) has a transformative vision as part of its business foray. enabling youth with skills that are required by the industry such that opportunities for growth get established. Towards this, SFA has planned the future in a stage wise manner.

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