HopZop BPMS : Real-Time Business Directory Service

HopZop BPMS – Business Partner Management System: Providing the latest real-time information is utmost critical when it comes to Customer Experience, Satisfaction and for building customer loyalty. This is paramount but has been a challenge all times. We want to empower business owners (Business Partners as we would like to look at) with a platform to do so. We are embarking on a journey along with our partners to provide a world-class platform to do so. Think about some use cases below.

How can you reach out to your customers with your specialty, product or service which you offer?
• How can you let all your customers know about your unique offers which you offer from time to time?
• How can you take the latest information to the customer in real time?. Let us say for example the current location of a mobile food truck or change in operating time.
• How to provide a customer point to acquire customers and serve them better?

HopZop BPMS (Business Partner Management System) is envisaged to do all this and we are embarking on that journey and the current version empowers you to take the latest information to the customer thereby providing better customer experience and customer acquisition.

Some of the feature with current BPMS.

• Securely create and manage your business or establishment data anywhere in the world
• Get your business listed free or opting for paid subscriptions (We offer very affordable rates here)
• Manage all information at real-time( even Geo-location, opening closing time, Images, Video, documents, offers and much more)

How to Partner with HopZop?
It’s easy 
Just Register and list your business via BPMS WEB or via Our BPMS  mobile app.

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