Business directory – All you need to know about it.

What is a business directory?

The name itself says Business directory is an online list of business within a particular niche or a category. In a business directory the information of websites are listed within a same group. The businesses are categorised according to business type, locality etc. The business listing contains business name, address, phone number, business address and business website.

Why business directory is important?

Most of the new small businesses will not get online presence even they have their own website. This is because of many problems SEO, popularity etc., But with the help of business directory all the company profile is listed in the listing page with address, phone number, website so if anyone search for a business name on the internet, it likely shows up your business.

In an online business directory website, the user allowed to search by specific thing such as service he looking for, location and category he looking. So by simply entering all your business data such as business name,type, location and filling all information accurately which helps your business to connect with people when they searching for it, even if they don’t search your business name. Business directory is highly beneficial because people no need to search for business name but instead they need to search for service they looking for.

Business directory website contain the following data of your business.

  • Business name
  • Addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Location
  • Type of service
  • Products the business provides
  • The service region
  • Opening closing time, offers, deals, new arrivals, closed for renovation etc…

Difference between business listing and directory.

The aim of business directory and listing is same but there are some differences between them.

  • When listing a business in a business listing sites the user need to verify address of the business, phone number and some other information’s.
  • Both the websites help you to promote your business but information is more and accurate when comes to business listing sites.
  • Listing and submitting business websites to spam sites will beget penalised by google so be careful when listing any business in a business listing or directory websites.
  • Both business listing and directory websites improves SEO of your business page.

Hopzop, New Real Time Business Directory.

Hopzop is a real time business directory in which all the information about businesses are available in fingertips in real time. Hopzop provides most accurate and relevant information to the people in no time. Hopzop comes with mobile friendly android application and IOS application aswell. The website of Hopzop is responsive and information can be accessed easily with good user friendly interface. 


With Hopzop the user can search for a specific category for accurate information with a generic search platform. Hopzop mobile application offers click on category icon to discover options near you or near to any location selected worldwide. The user can either do a text search or voice search from the app. Hopzop offers real time information of entity on results and detail page.(E.g.: Custom info like – Today’s Special, offers for the day, offers running now) or Status like “Closed for renovation”,” Festival Time: Open till midnight” etc.

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